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Cancer patients and their caregivers are eligible to receive:

  • Mind-body treatments to promote relaxation and healing, including meditation, Reiki, craniosacral therapy and guided imagery. (Two sessions per person at no cost, with follow-up sessions at a discounted rate.)*

  • Individual or group classes in learning to use mind-body healing modalities for oneself and others. (Introductory class at no cost, with advanced training at a discounted rate).*

  • Ongoing support and connection to resources at no cost.


*Healing sessions are offered virtually or in person for 2024*

Contact for more information:


The Diane B. Sheahan Memorial Fund is a Legacy Project of the Greater Washington Coalition for Cancer Survivors.

Diane Beaudin Sheahan was a community activist who died of ovarian cancer in 1994. During her six-year treatment journey, she became a leader in patient advocacy and the movement for cancer survivors. In her memory, this new project will continue some of the patient and caregiver support functions of the now-closed Greater Washington Coalition for Cancer Survivors.

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